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About me:

I began working on guitars in Yorkshire in 2007 at the age of just 16 when I was offered an apprenticeship by Jim Fleeting (the Luthier responsible for the UK's first 9 string bass among other things) for 2 years learning to build and repair acoustic, electric and bass guitars.

From there I moved to London to study Luthiery further at Merton College for another two years.

While studying I got a job in an acoustic guitar specialist, Broadway Music, as the Guitar Repairer, and a few years later, at ABC Music as their Stringed Instrument Repairer, where I put to use the skills I had acquired repairing and setting up a wide variety of instruments from the string family. 

During that time I set up business as an independent Luthier carrying out repair work and modifications for both private and commercial customers around South West London and Surrey.

In December 2022 I relocated my business to Bristol but retain links to Surrey through Bowden's Guitars for whom I am taking on any larger repair jobs.

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My Services Include:

Restrings // Set-ups // Rewiring // Fret Levelling // Refrets // Headstock Repairs // And Much More... 

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